Melatonin - the hormone of youth and sleep
Melatonin - the hormone of youth and sleep

Each tablet contains 3 mg / 5 mg of melatonin, which is in charge of our bodies natural sleep cycle. This hormone our body can also produce alone, but also age due to external factors (radiation ..) his production declines.
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Insomnia = problem
Melatonin Insomnia
Melatonin - the hormone of youth and sleep


  • it contributes to easier sleep, helping to drive during sleep and therefore its use can induce a deep restorative sleep
  • cholesterol-lowering effect on blood vessels, blood pressure and regulates the heart from myocardial protecting
  • alleviate the effects of stress and generally harmonises the body
  • extremely powerful natural antioxidant
  • slows aging and prolongs life, and in old age keeps fresh mind
  • is effective against glaucoma eye
  • actively promotes the metabolism to burn fat in the body
  • vsignificantly increases fertility in women (lutenizing induces increased production of the hormone at the stage when the developing egg)
  • reduces the risk of breast cancer

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