Melatonin - the hormone of youth and sleep
Melatonin - the hormone of youth and sleep

Each tablet contains 3 mg / 5 mg of melatonin, which is in charge of our bodies natural sleep cycle. This hormone our body can also produce alone, but also age due to external factors (radiation ..) his production declines.
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Insomnia = problem
Melatonin Insomnia
Melatonin - the hormone of youth and sleep

Jet lag

Jet lag
Jet lag

Those who have come a long way plane - guess, what will be discussed.

Jet lag is simply a problem, better says problems, that occur because of delays in air travel longer. Very mild form of experiencing all even by daylight saving time... therefore we bring you some tips on how to handle this monster:
  1. Keep your intake of fluids during the flight
    The air in planes is very dry, so it is nice to irrigate body not only inside but also outside: in the form of a small bottle Spray to comforters and your skin. Alcohol is clearly NO.
  2. Change your time
    As soon as he settled on the plane, set your watch to your destination time. This will, at least as so-forces still think about the time difference. Even during the flight to Time your daily rhythm destination. Sleeping on arrival can only aggravate the situation.
  3. Moving
    Certainly it will be good if you move in your seat - no matter how convenient or even nearly resembling bed. Stand up, walk around, stretch. If your hotel place to drill: great! Be sure to work out there - it will help you fall asleep sweetly.
  4. Be careful of what you eat
    It's easy as pie: meals consisting of a plurality of bread and sugar you are exhausted: you're tired. Eating protein stimulates your body. Upon arrival to refresh during the first day it stabs caffeine - but not overdo it. Well, obviously fatty foods totally drugged ... so those with moderation.
  5. Comfortable to wear
    Surely you make it better in the comfortable and loose clothing, especially if the final destination you arrive in the morning. Also do not forget the soft wet wipes to wash your face, pillow, or lovely lady, do not forget the mask. It's very simple: the more you feel comfortable, you oddýchnutejší team upon arrival.
  6. Overcome time zones using melatonin
    This organism natural hormone reduces jet lag syndrome flights passing through five or more time zones by adjusting sleep cycle, making the our body quickly adapts to changes

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